Happy 85th, Great-Grandma! or… Elliott’s first trip above the Mason-Dixon

Great-Grandma E turned 85 on Monday, November 16. As a gift to her, we surprised her on Friday evening with Mimi, Poppi, Auntie A and Uncle B, and we stayed through Senior Citizens’ Day at the Salvation Army on Wednesday. Needless to say, after the initial shock, she was thrilled to meet her great-grandson. Elliott also got to meet his great-aunt M and his first cousin once removed, J. Yes, Mama had to consult Wikipedia to determine that J is Elliott’s first cousin once removed.

Elliott again did very well through airport security and on his plane rides. We even got caught in some kind of lockdown drill at airport security in Atlanta. He didn’t sleep terribly well on our trip, but he was a happy boy most of the time, nonetheless. He visited an Italian restaurant, heard GG (great-grandma) talk about her family and great-grandpa R’s family, visited the First Church in Boston (a UU congregation), saw the ducks in Boston Common, and “ate” at the Union Oyster House, an historic restaurant. E also met GG’s friends and neighbors, visited Mama’s friends O and D, and hung out with Poppi and GG while Mama and Daddy did some sightseeing. We were very happy and very tired when we arrived back home on Wednesday!


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  1. Barbara Says:

    Elliott you have traveled more than ANY baby I know. You will be able to mark off places all around the world by the time you are as old as I am.

    Thank you so much for the postcard you sent Gracie. What a neat place to visit, and what a wonderful family you have :)—Aunt Bea

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