20 weeks old

Mama and Dad totally spaced on taking Elliott’s 19 week photos. Oops! For his 20 week birthday, we were in Massachussetts celebrating Great-Grandma Erma’s 85th birthday, so we had a change of scenery.

19-20 weeks is when babies have another big developmental leap. Elliott has been squealing up a storm. The happy pterodactyl has come to roost in our house! He is also grasping things at will, and he is also starting to communicate more and more. He is very interested in toys, particularly the ones he has with bright colors and high contrast, and he sometimes will entertain himself with a toy or on his playmat forĀ 10 minutes or more. He now will reach his arms out toward us when he wants to be picked up, and he loves feeling Daddy’s scratchy face and touching Mama’s cheek (and then grabbing her lip with his eagle claw!)

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  1. Barbara Says:

    Such a big boy Elliot! You are growing leaps and bounds, and making mommy and daddy’s life fuller every day :) –Aunt Bea

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